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"It is jazz rounded by Nordic traditions and written with Iceland in the blood. Airy and pleasant melodies are performed with calm and excess.

The beautiful and seductive melodies are almost in line on page 1 of the LP. Flæmi, A.A.P. and 3 are all examples of why the album with BERG is so successful.

It's not just about the directness and immediate accessibility of the melodies. It's about the depth, the weight and the nerve with which they are carried."

Niels Overgård, Jazznyt

"A quiet, spherical form of modern jazz with an inherent Nordic basic tone – and the quartet redeems it into absolute UG.

The music contains both a soft darkness, a rattling wind and a grandiose horizon; an element of longing scout; an element of frustration and madness; a sparkling current; and a poignant sadness. The well-distributed sum catches this listener's attention.

The music is simple, not simple. Melodic, not one-dimensional.

But absolutely: beautiful, sensuous, organic."

Ivan Rod, ivanrod.dk

"The Icelandic-Danish quartet bring out both the high-pitched expressive and the lyrical-low-key with an unmistakable Nordic vear that associates with nature, landscapes and moods.

Snæbjörnsson and the rest of Berg's essential tribute to the Nordics contain an originality and warmth that seems almost intoxicating.

The music opened up more and more to this listener with every interception, and again one can rejoice that music is released that so blatantly insists on the artistic necessity."

Jakob Hassing, Jazz Special


Berg plays original music written by the Icelandic saxophonist Snæbjörn Snæbjörnsson. Based on Icelandic melancholy and melodic, the music is spiced up with the varying harmonies and improvisational nature of jazz.

The musical universe revolves around the simple and intelligible melody that has been shown to touch a wide audience. Berg has played a number of successful concerts in Denmark and Iceland, including in Harpa during Reykjavik Jazz Festival, Good Music Festival, CPH Jazz Festival, Ribe Kunstmuseum etc. 

Berg consists of saxophonist Snæbjörn Snæbjörnsson, pianist Mathias Ditlev, bassist Benjamin Kirketerp and drummer Chris Falkenberg